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Happiness in a Box!

Who wouldn't smile at the sight of these boxes?!

Starting today, the sight of a red box will definitely bring smiles to children as McDonald’s will now pack its Happy Meal in their iconic red box! Isn’t it cool, that something which made us smile years ago, is now back to be loved by our kids?!

Z now knows this box is full of surprises!

Did you know that McDonald’s Happy Meal was the first meal designed for children when it was launched in 1979?! Now, you can enjoy a Happy Meal bright and early in the morning with your usual favorites – 4 piece Mini Hotcake or Hamdesal. This comes with a regular drink and a featured toy. Or when you want to surprise the kids come dismissal time, you can have the iconic Red Box waiting for them in car with something delicious inside – Burger McDo, McNuggets, Chicken McDo with Rice or McSpaghetti! The Happy Meal now comes with a serving of their World Famous Fries plus a regular drink and of course, the featured toy. This month, the toy you will be getting might be from the  Transformers or My Little Pony. And if you’ll notice, the box itself can be made into a toy!

For only Php 85.00, enjoy a Burger McDo Happy Meal!

During the media launch yesterday, Teacher April Macan enumerated to us the benefits of PLAY! Play is the language of children; they should play by themselves and in a group; with any kid-safe material available or none at all! Children play because it is fun — Keon, Teacher April’s 4 year old son said. I couldn’t agree more!!! We also met Margot B. Torres, Senior Vice President for Marketing of McDonald’s Philippines and told us exciting news about the Happy Meal. They are now looking into adding healthier choices such as fruit cups and milk, as what is practiced in other countries. There will also be installations of the iconic Red Box in different malls to be a play area for the kids! And a surprise is coming in a few days that will surely warm everyone’s heart!!!

Clockwise from top left: Tweezer Fries game as an ice-breaker; Teacher April talks about the importance of play; the Happy Meal box will be an inflatable in different malls; Ms. Margot Torres of Mcdonald's Philippines.

What were your favorite Happy Meal toys?! Mine were the 101 Dalmatians, which I wasn’t able to complete! I remember going to McDonald’s Katipunan every dismissal time just to have all the design. They are still in the plastic in my Grandma’s house! I grew up loving McDonald’s and I’m sensing my son is feeling the same way too!

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