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Christmas Gift Suggestions: Enlight KiddieTab

It’s less than 80 days before Christmas and I’m sure you’ve started making your list. I’m starting a new segment on the blog: Christmas Gift Suggestions to help you with your shopping! Let’s start with the Enlight KiddieTab.

Face it, kids these days are techie as techie can be. This generation is now what we call “digital natives” and parents should not be afraid of exposing their kids to this technology. Dra. Angela Halili-Jao, former head of child and adolescent psychiatry of the UP Manila College of Medicine-PGH, stressed further that “technology, when viewed as an ally, is an aid to learning and the acquisition and mastery of developmental skills” during the launch of Lifeware Technology Inc.’s Enlight Kiddie Tab.

The KiddieTab is an 8 inch, HD capable multi touch tablet that is proudly Philippine-made!

During the intimate launch at Guevarra’s, we got to test out the device and here’s why I’m recommending it:

  • The Enlight KiddieTab functions as a regular Android tablet. Meaning, you don’t need to buy additional cartridges and whatnots to make it work. It comes pre-loaded with educational apps that are organized according to a child’s developmental stage, and you can download more with Google Play Store. It comes with 8 GB of storage and you can expand it some more as it has a built-in SD card slot.
  • It has a Parent Mode which can be accessed by keying a password. This switches the KiddieTab to a regular tablet wherein users can access their surf the net, update their social media, play games and take pictures. While in the Parent Mode, a Time Lock can be switched to control the duration of the kid’s usage. You can set it from 15 minutes to 2 hours. This way, the child will know that his time with the KiddieTab is over; perfect for when 2 or more kids are going to use it, makes sharing concrete. Parents also has the say on what apps will be accessed by their children. This will prevent them from venturing out into apps and internet content that is not designed for them.
Take selfies with it!
  • Being offered to kids as young as 3 years old, the Enlight KiddieTab is ergonomically designed to face the rough and tumble lifestyle of children. It comes with a yellow silicone protector which makes it durable and safe.

Dra Halili-Jao also stresses that parents supervise their children’s online activity by establishing safety rules such as having online nicknames and not giving out personal information. It is highly recommended that parents sit with their kids when they are online or playing apps on the KiddieTab. This will make the experience more fun and memorable for them. Lastly, parents should also expose their children to other means of learning such as books, social interaction, manipulative toys and playgrounds for their wholistic development.

The SoMoms and SoKids with Dra. Angela Halili-Jao and Michal and David of Lifeware Technology Inc.

The Enlight KiddieTab is available at all Toy Kingdom stores nationwide and retails for Php. 8,999.75.



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