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We caught a bug!

Upon waking up last Monday, Z vomited and was lethargic all throughout. Being the panicky and paranoid mom that I am, I immediately called our pedia to report what happened. She told us to rest Z’s tummy for a while and to give small amounts of food and drink. I’m really thankful that my little one bounced back on Tuesday and was as hyper as if nothing happened! I really feel him being breastfed, makes it easier for his body to recuperate from illness.


My husband and I also had stomachache since Tuesday. And just this morning, our helper also complained of pain in her abdomen. I’m seriously thinking of pumping breastmilk so that I can drink it to clean my stomach! If it worked for my baby, then maybe it’ll work for me!

We’ve scheduled a general cleaning in the house this weekend to kill any lurking virus. I do hope it is nothing serious like food poisoning or dengue!

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