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Happy Birthday, Z!

Little Man Z turned 2 a week ago and we celebrated it with a simple lunch with family and friends. I really like planning events, especially for my baby boy. What I didn’t like about this event was I only had 2 weeks to prepare! So, good-bye to DIY ideas, hello to social media for suppliers! I will be blogging about the suppliers in detail in the coming days, so please watch out for that.

One great thing about having a party, is you get to see people whom you haven’t seen for so long. And yeah, true friends do not need to see each other often to know what’s going on in each other’s lives. That’s why Facebook and Instagram were invented, hihi! Seriously though, I’m so happy to see my bestest friends, Z’s godparents, celebrating another year of my son’s life!

I love you Dudessy!
Mean Girls forever!

Ay shocks, Edu, we don’t have a picture together. I’ll wait for the pictures from our official photographer.

Well, even though we only had 2 weeks to plan and prepare for the party, I’m really happy how it turned out. My little birthday boy was knocked out after the celebration and I take it as a good sign!

I’m no party-planner expert but let me share tips on how I pulled this off:

1. I used the wedding guest list we made 3 years ago. While not everyone on that list will be invited, at least you’d have a rough guide on how many guests are expected, and how many more you can invite (or not invite!). Just make sure the contact details are updated, to make inviting easier.

2. Source the internet for suppliers. I got all of my suppliers (except for the photographer, he’s been with us since our wedding!) through the internet. Of course, I relied on blogs which used their services as well! If one of my mommy-blogger friends trust them, they should be good!

3. This party really revolved around Z. While there weren’t a lot of details, I made sure that he would have the grandest time! So, take time to know what the interests of your party girl or boy are. This way, he would be busy, and you will have time to make chika with your guests!

It was just a simple celebration but I had a happy time catching up with family and friends! I hope all my guests had a great time as well! Thank you for all your gifts =)

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