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#2ZorenAndBeyond – Social Savvy

I learned about Social Savvy during our SoMoms lunch at Boon Tong Kee. Moya, along with his sister Rosanna, are the creative minds behind this up-and-coming must have at every event. For Z’s celebration, I got the Printster!

Say "Hello!" to the Printster!

So, what is the Printster?! This set-up puts to good use our affinity with Instagram. During the event, guests are encouraged to take pictures and upload it on their Instagram. Using a common hashtag, in this case it was #2ZorenAndBeyond, the pictures are then shown on a live iPad feed. After a few minutes, your picture will be printed, and your guests will have an instant souvenir, one which is memorable and practical.

I really like this kind of set-up since there will be no lines and waiting unlike in a regular photobooth. Sure, there are no costumes and gimmicks, but you can be creative with poses and filters. Rosanna also sent me the digital copies of the pictures printed, giving me the guests’ insights during the event. We all know that the party hosts do not get to see everything that happens in a table, so with this common hashtag I was able to see what was going on, even after the party! Being a relatively new gadget, we needed to thoroughly explain how the Printster works to the guests who we’re not tech-savvy, even though there are instructions on the table. Also, there will be guests who has no Instagram. For this dilemma, you can hire a Printster Photographer who would gladly take pictures of all your guests, then their pictures will then be printed. I should have gotten this add-on so that all of the guests took home a souvenir picture. Nonetheless, for 4 hours we had a total of 102 prints! Not bad for a party of 70 guests. By the way, your Instagram account must be on public so that the hashtag can be accessed.

The Printster will print out your Instagram picture on a template agreed upon.

I must say that Rosanna is very efficient and easy to work with! All our transactions were through e-mail and I didn’t have any problems. Given the time we had to prepare, I’m really impressed with what they delivered! I highly suggest having the Printster at your next event!

Social Savvy contact details:


Facebook: socialsavvyph

Instagram: @socialsavvyph

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