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Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary Under the Sea

Because we couldn’t go up in the clouds for our anniversary, we decided to go under the sea! Our quick getaway happened at H2O Hotel in the Ocean Park grounds in Manila. I was really captivated by MyMomFriday’s post about their staycation, and I read it just in time for our anniversary.

It was a holiday so we expected the traffic jam on the way there. Z was really behaved during the car ride and was mesmerized by a calesa! I think we should bring him to Intramuros next. Anyway, the hotel has its own parking lot but you need to be careful in the area as constructions are on-going. We had to walk to the concierge area, then we walked again to the entrance of the hotel, which it shared with Ocean Park. The lobby, and most of its rooms are on the 3rd level.

We availed one of their promos which include: an overnight stay at an Aqua Room, Massage for 2, Hot Stone Bed for 2, Set Breakfast for 2 and 2 tickets for Ocean Park. Upon check-in, we were informed that we got upgraded to an Aqua Supreme room, which had a bath tub! A big, big thank you to Ms. Arlene Templonuevo for giving us that gift. When we got in the room, the little boy was astounded by the aquarium wall. I think he stared at it for 5 whole minutes!

Z upon entering the room; a very-digital welcome note; Z's Shark and Stripes shirt from GooGooandGaGa

The room has a nice, clean feel to it. It looks like our condo bedroom which is why Z felt right at home. They have the usual amenities. But what sets them apart is that gigantic aquarium wall!!! I could stare at it for hours. It was very relaxing to see the fish swim by. There’s an electronic curtain to close the aquarium, but we didn’t use it!

For the rest of the day, we just went around Ocean Park. We had to buy a ticket for Z already because he is well above 2 feet! I just noticed that even though there are added attractions, Manila Ocean Park still looks the same as it did the first time we went there. I would also suggest having guides inside the Oceanarium as to prevent people to use the flash when taking pictures.

Our ticket, Big Rush 5, included the Sea Lion show, a visit to the Oceanarium, Jellyfish Exhibit and the Musical Fountain show!

Sadly, we weren’t able to avail of the other perks included in the package. We were too tired to even move and eat dinner at a resto. Thank heavens for room service! The next day, we upgraded our set breakfast to buffet breakfast after seeing a sumptuous spread at Makan Makan Asian Food Village, the hotel’s in-house restaurant. They had everything from breads to salads to main courses and desserts! The little boy had his usual hard-boiled egg, cereals, yogurt and cheese! The staff were also very friendly and attentive to our needs. I wish we would’ve eaten lunch there to try out their open kitchen!

What's a hotel stay without a breakfast buffet, right?!

It really was a lovely stay. I would’ve stayed another night, but the husband has work to do. Nonetheless, this staycation gave us a breather after a very busy and stressful October, and a much needed boost for the busier and more stressful November and December!

To Mr. Bry126,

I can’t thank you enough for being a good provider and an awesome Dada. I know we’re still adjusting with everything, but as you always say, everything will fall into place. Slowly but surely.

Here’s to more staycations and to making our dreams come true!


I love you, to infinity and beyond 🙂

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