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Christmas Gift Suggestion: YellowBird Shoes

I’ve always been a ballet flats-kinda girl. It may be because my line of work required me to dress up comfortably and now that I have a very energetic toddler, I would not be able to catch up with him if I’m wearing heels. So, I’m always on the lookout for cute yet very feet-friendly ballet flats. I don’t want to have blisters on my toes and ankles, because it hurts like hell! I remember having to put plastic strips at the back of my ankle just to prevent having blisters when wearing ballet flats. Then, when I discovered YellowBird Shoes, my feet rejoiced!


Since getting my first pair, it’s always been a mainstay in my #ootd posts! And I can’t wait to get my new Alexis flats! I know it’ll be soft and buttery on my feet! And what I really like about this brand is the fact that it is Philippine-made! You know that movement going on about helping those entrepreneurs this Christmas season?! By supporting YellowBird Shoes, you’re giving the local shoe scene a boost! I sooperdooper recommend getting a pair for yourself and for those ladies that like a little glam on their toes. I’ve already given my cousins their own Celeste pairs and they feel like fairies when wearing these glitter-encrusted footwear!

Pre-order your holiday gifts! This batch will end on Nov.9!
Please take note!

YellowBird Shoes is owned by my extraordinary friend and fellow SoMom, Patty. Please like and follow YellowBird Shoes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I hear there are new styles coming soon!

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