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#2ZorenAndBeyond: The Cakestry

As I previously mentioned, Z’s 2nd birthday celebration was decided on a whim and I had barely 2 weeks to prepare for it. To make my life easier, I got suppliers whom I personally know or are recommended by my friends. The Cakestry is owned by my friend, Sim Tecson, who is super passionate with her baking! Together with her sister, Celine, they created a super cool Buzz Lightyear themed candy buffet for the event!

Their standard package includes: assorted candies good for 50, 8″ round cake, 2 dozen cupcakes, decor and plastic bag for take home candies. The cake was the focal point of the event as Z was really mesmerized by it! The fondant was just the right amount of sweetness and the chocolate cake was moist and soft but not crumbly. The cupcakes were wiped out too, the guests gushing about how yummy it is!

The Cakestry team also threw in a life-sized Buzz Lightyear display as a gift for Z! And up to now, we have a Space Ranger guarding our abode from the evil Emperor Zurg!

 To get The Cakestry for your next event or for your Christmas give-aways, you may call them at 0923-5999498. Their cake display and other goodies are on Facebook.

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