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Typhoon Yolanda – Ways You Can Help

It has been a rough 4 days for the Philippines. Being hit by what is considered the strongest typhoon for the year is no easy feat. I’m just really thankful that my relatives in Tacloban are safe. My heart bleeds at every account of what happened there, especially those of the children. To be so young in the face of a tragedy… Sadness.

There are so many, many, many ways we can help!!! Here are some info on my Facebook Newsfeed and Twitter Timeline I’d like to share with everyone:

Mommy Mundo started collecting donations last Sunday at the Bazaar. They are still open to accepting donations in the following venues as stated in the poster. Thank you Electrolux for washing the clothes, towels, etc. Donations will still be accepted at the 2nd part of the Mommy Mundo Bazaar on December 8.

Since most of the displaced are children, I feel really compelled to donate most of our plushies to them. Even just a small toy to cuddle through the night will give a child some warmth and comfort.

Should you be dining out any time this week, some restos are offering that part or 100% of their profits will be donated to those displaced. There are many that are doing this like Yabu, Green Pastures…

Shop for a Cause

There will be a bazaar this weekend and Elin is going to be one of the vendors. I love how they would put all of their profits from the November 16 sales to donation. I’m sure other stores/online sellers are also doing this big sacrifice to help.

If you’re outside the Philippines, there are a number of ways to donate cash. I also read an article that encourages those from other countries to donate cash so that there will be focus on what things are actually needed.

I saw this on Facebook and it encourages people to do away with a lavish Christmas celebration. There are no specific details yet but I hope those who made this page share information soon because this is a really great cause.

These are just some of the ways we can do for those affected by Yolanda. I’m sure in each of your communities, there are relief drives happening as well. There’s really no big or small kind of help. As long as you do it from the heart. To give and not to count the cost.

*Photos are taken from the respective Facebook Pages*

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