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Typhoon Yolanda – Some More Ways YOU Can Help

It’s been a week since the devastating typhoon hit the Philippines. Help is pouring in but there are still a lot more to do, especially when rehabilitating takes place. I hope everyone will not get tired of helping our countrymen. Here are some more ways we can help:

The Goody Bag

For only Php250, you get a bag with a one of a kind design. All profits will be used to help the victims of the typhoon. For orders and other information, please like their Facebook Page.

Project Liwanag

Who knows when the electricity would normalize in the affected areas?! This project by my high school batchmate will help those in the Samar and Leyte area. A set only costs Php133! This can also aid in the cooking of relief goods. If you want to be part of this, send an email to


Another friend and her generous family, started a food drive using VitaMeal on Facebook. To date, they have given 74+ bags of VitaMeal to those in need. VitaMeal is an easy-to-cook porridge filled with vitamins and minerals. One bag, which costs Php.1150 ($26-27), can already feed 30 people! To donate to this cause, please get details from Meden Santos at +639175004263. Or you may send your donations through PayPal at

FEED Shirts

For those in the US, buying the FEED Philippines shirt ($33) will provide 10 meals already! Please order HERE.


Mingo is distributed by the Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation, Inc. This is an instant meal which consists of rice, monggo and malunggay and can be prepared by mixing in with room temperature water. A pack is given with a bottle of water. You can order Mingo through Mothering Earthlings or through NVC’s Facebook Page.

I hope to be posting more ways to help!!! If you are doing a food or toy drive and would want to put the word out, email me at 🙂




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