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YML Asks: What’s On Your Christmas Table?

Miniature Food Christmas Cookies

Stéphanie Kilgast via Compfight

With no plans yet, I think we’ll be spending Christmas Eve in our own place. This is the first time we’ll be doing just that and I want to make it special. So, I need to know, Moms, what are your go-to dishes when it comes to Christmas?! I need ideas for healthy and delicious meals to make this an unforgettable Christmas Eve dinner for the family! Can’t wait to (taste!) read your menus!

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Christmas dinner for us usually includes ham, quezo de bola and macaroni salad as staples. Then for our main course, it’s usually rellenong manok, but we’ve also had roast beef, steak and lamb chops, beef mechado and baked ribs on some years. Yup,we are a meat-eating matakaw family! 🙂

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