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Have A “Chocolatier” Noche Buena with Red Ribbon’s Black Forest Cake

A classic Pinoy Noche Buena favorite just got an upgrade! Red Ribbon’s Black Forest Cake is now made with even more chocolate shavings, chocolate filling and a more chocolate-y cake! So perfect for the choco-holics, like me! We tried it yesterday, and even the little boy loved it! He got all the cherries on top and picked out the chocolate shavings on the side.

Black Forest at Regular size is Php. 550.00
Look at all those chocolate!!!

Did you know that Red Ribbon has a YouTube channel?! In there is a short animated film entitled “Ang Red Ribbon Christmas Story ni Emman”. Watch it here and be entertained about the story of sharing, perfect for the holiday season.

Give a Black Forest Cake this Christmas Day!

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