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Z’s First Major Boo-boo

I still get weak on the knees thinking about what happened to Z this afternoon. Being the OA mommy that I am, I was the one crying. You see, Z bumped on our door after spinning around. He cut his lower lip and blood was all over his face!!! I totally freaked out, which wasn’t good because it made Z scared as well. I have to remember to stay calm because he feeds off whatever energy I emit. For 2014, I need to stop being the OA Mommy!


Fortunately, no tooth got loose and his nose didn’t break. The doctor assured me that there were a lot of blood because the lips have a lot of blood vessels in such thin tissues. We just had to give Z ice chips to help lessen the inflammation. However, giving Z ice chips made him cry more. The best solution?! Ice cream! Even though he kept telling the doctor and nurses at Healthway “NO!”, he still waved bye and gave them flying kisses!

The Super Lolas came to check up on us. They also told me that this incident wouldn’t be the last! What a way to calm me down right?! But I know they are speaking from experience. They also told me not to be hard on myself because with a very active toddler like Z, boo-boos are a sure thing!

I’m still shaken but I learned a lot, just how the mommy thing is supposed to work! Just hoping for less blood next time.

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