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Something New for 2014

Auf ein gutes 2014!

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I’m not really one to make new year’s resolutions. Last year, I made a “to-do list for 2013”, a bucket list type of thing. Sadly, not everything was ticked off and it’s kinda frustrating, haha. So for something new this year, I’m going with two things I saw over the wonderful world of the interwebs:

1. Bullet Journal

I like this because it’s like a planner and a journal rolled into one. I should’ve learned about this during college so life would’ve been easier! You start with a blank notebook and the rest is yours to customize. Although the creator suggests ways on how to use it, it is definitely yours for the tweaking. I’ve been using it during the last part of December and until now, it’s still fun to use. I have a page for expenses, blog posts, recipes to try, monthly goals… It’s my everyday notebook!

2. 52 Week Money Saving Challenge

I pinned this onto Pinterest sometime last year and completely forgot about it. Now, I’ll do it in the hopes that I’ll have shopping money when Christmas rolls in once again. The thing with saving, you need to know what you are saving for. So this Mason mug will be the recipient of my weekly saving by the multiples of Php. 30.00! I initially wanted to start with Php. 50.00 but find it too big with my housewife allowance (hey husband, it’s time for a raise!) My tally chart for this is in my Bullet Journal, see, my life revolves it now!

Let’s see where these will take me! How about you?! Anything new this 2014?! Do share on the comments section.

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