For Your Next Event, Make it Affordabites!

March is rolling in and this means a lot of celebration is going to happen! In my family, my cousin is graduating from high school and we haven’t celebrated her passing in all of the college entrance exams she took! In my husband’s family, my brother in law and his girlfriend passed the architecture licensing board exam and my sister in law is graduating grade school! We’re already preparing for our simple celebrations and the food is on the top if the list to prepare. Enter: Affordabites.


I chanced upon Affordabites on Facebook. I was immediately drawn to its menu which boasts of comfort food. Its head chef and proprietress, Rain Santos-Ocampo started the business after being tired from an 8-5 job. With the encouragement of her boyfriend and friends, who absolutely love everything she brings during pot luck get-togethers,  Affordabites was born.

Craving for this now!

On one of our SoMoms planning session, Rain graciously brought us one of her bestsellers, Garlic Chicken with Herbed Baby Potatoes for our afternoon snack. All of us absolutely loved it! I was wondering where the rice was!


Then when we had a small get together with my aunts, I ordered another must try: Buffalo Chicken Wings with Bleu Cheese dip and Beef Kaldareta. My relatives couldn’t stop eating (right, Tita Irene?!) The wings was just the right level of spicy that Z can eat it also. And the bleu cheese dip was soooo good! I liked it that Rain didn’t scrimp on the beef for the Kaldareta. You can actually see beef chunks in it along with the carrots, potatoes and bell pepper. Affordabites does live up to its tag line: Good Eats, Big Bites, Every Budget! A tray good for 10 people will not cost more than Php. 1,500!

So, for your upcoming events, make it yummy with Affordabites!

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Instagram: @affordabites

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You may also reach them at 0917-806-0330

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