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Elin x SoMoms

I’ve always loved Elin, ever since I attended its launch last year. Most of my #OOTD posts are my stuff from Elin because I can really live in it. Its basic style and luscious material make it my go-to brand. So, it’s really an honor to be tapped as one of their models along with the SoMoms, Michelle, Jen, Jenny, Jackie and Tin!Ā 

Look at how versatile the Diane dress is!
Look at how versatile the Diane dress is!
Don't we all look regal?!
Don’t we all look regal?!

Elin clothes understand the changes that women go through. Their clothes are sexy with flattering cuts that will also be good as when you’re sporting that baby bump! And I am super in love with their nursing tops and dresses! Who says breastfeeding moms have to look frumpy?! My Elin nursing clothes has seen me through formal gatherings and casual get-togethers, making my breastfeeding journey a whole lot easier and comfortable.

I love the colors we are wearing!
I love the colors we are wearing!

I know I’ve said I don’t want to have another baby, but I know I’d look so good in Elin dresses when I get preggy! So to all preggy mamas out there, I highly suggest investing in Elin pieces, since you’ll be able to wear them even after pregnancy! Great quality of clothes, proudly Pinoy-made and has value for money – this is why I adore Elin!

Me in a red Diane dress :)
Get your own Diane dress HERE.

Thank you again to Martina, Kathleen and Pat of Elin for pursuing this idea I lovingly suggested! Our hair and make up were by Gex Garcia and Ivan. I was amazed at how fast Gex worked! And our awesome photographer was Camille King, who was so easy to work with!

I love this Cammy dress in Eggplant!
I love this Cammy dress in Eggplant! Thank you Michelle for the picture!

This was a truly exhilarating experience I’ll treasure forever! Looking forward to more collaboration with Elin in the future!

4 replies on “Elin x SoMoms”

You all look gorgeous! And the dresses are all so stylish! I always tell my husbandry that there are so many nice maternity clothes now. When I was pregnant, parang everything was baduy. Or maybe I was looking in the wrong places? Haha!

Thanks Patty! When I was preggy, I thought maternity clothes were not important. Until my belly grew really big! With Elin, it does not look ‘maternity’ diba!

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