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I think we’re weaning…

Yesterday, Z latched on to me for 5 times within the day. Just 5 times! And of those 5 times, it was never for more than 20 minutes. This is a big cry from when he was just born. We would be together 24/7, with him latched on, every 2-3 hours. I now realize that what the breastfeeding advocates/counselors say was true – it will get better, and you’ll miss the non-stop nursing session! Our weaning process stems from the don’t offer, don’t refuse theory, which I think is beneficial for the both of us.

These days, he’s busy exploring the world. I can leave him for half a day and he won’t even make a fuss. Sometimes he is content with me just in my corner, while he interacts with other people. And I’m content with the fact that I am still able to soothe him, when the world seems a scary place that bombards him with big emotions he can’t handle yet, with my milk.

Photo from Pinterest
Photo from Pinterest

Honestly, I miss our nursing marathon sessions. However, I’m also excited to be able to wear non-breastfeeding clothes already! And as with how we started our breastfeeding journey, it is also how we’re going to end it – one step at a time.

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