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Why So Fast, March?!

I think this year is on fast forward. I can’t believe that there are only two weeks left of March. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were all planning for Valentine’s Day?! Anyway, I’ve been caught up with giveaway posts that I have a lot of thoughts to purge now… While the little boy is napping!

As I mentioned in another quick post, Z is 29 months already. And he is really being terrible! Haha, those with toddlers will get me. I often find myself exhausted because I have to be on my toes when I look after him. And more tiring than the physical part, is the emotional aspect of being a toddler’s parent. He’s not really a tantrum-kinda boy nowadays, but knowing that he leans more on his EQ, makes a lot of situations well… emotional. Little changes seem a big deal to him so we do a lot of emotion coaching, which is very taxing on my part.

What makes Z happy these days is swim time with his Daddy! Saturday or any day in my in-laws’ place, expect the little boy to be in the water. During the first few times he went swimming, he was content with just being on the shallow part where the water was up to his knees. With the coaxing of my husband, he began to enjoy “swimming” in the deeper parts while holding on. He really likes putting his head underwater, which gives me a scare! He’s learning not to breathe while doing that because when he goes up, he does not cough anymore.

I think we’ll be busy these coming months because of a lot of trips and visitors coming in. I still hope to blog by then!

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that’s so nice! your Z is learning to swim =)
I have a toddler too and the only time he threw a tantrum on public was when I tried to stop him running carelessly inside a mall. He loves riding his tiny bike in the morning.
Last summer, we went to Splash Island and he really enjoyed the water! =D

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