Cheesy Chessy



This picture was taken after 2 tantrum bouts in the mall. And from those, I got a cut on my lip because we were helping you not hurt yourself.

The picture will remind me that no matter how big your tantrum is, we’ll always have far more reasons to smile about. Each and everytime.

This picture will tell me to stretch my patience a little longer, and trust my momtuition when handling you. I should also give myself a lot of pats on the back because I’m doing my best being your Mommy.

Every day is a learning adventure with you my little darling. I can’t wait for more… (as long as I’ll have a glass of wine during these tantrumy days!)

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You know what, ever since we stopped going to a playschool, the tantrums stopped. Haha.. is there a connection?!

Wow!! Thanks! Checking it out now!

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