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Fun Ways to Save Money

Day 6/365 : When I was happy to hold all this money

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Saving money can be a drag. And for someone who is not earning a lot for wants, setting aside money for emergency purposes seems like a chore. I’ve to find ingenious ways to trick myself into doing so because I’m not really financially-smart. With Z starting school next year, my husband and I know that we should double up on preparing our finances because as soon as he steps into preschool, there’s no turning back and the rates will just keep on getting higher. I’ve been crowd-sourcing and researching for fun ways to save money and here are some that we might start soon:

  • 52-week Money Saving Challenge

I already wrote about this before when the year started. Thankfully, after 5 months, I’m still at it! What’s fun with this method is that the amount will add up, giving you more until the end. You can also make a colorful checklist to keep track of the money. For the savings I get here, I plan to use it for our Christmas shopping. This way, I won’t have to break our December budget so much. Yes, a thing about savings – you should always have a goal for your money.

De todo corazón - With my heart

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  • The Love Jar

I encountered the story of the Love Jar back when I was in high school reading The Chicken Soup for the Soul. It stuck to me maybe because of the term “sex”. You see, the Love Jar works this way: couples will put in an amount agreed upon in the jar after any form of sex. Sounds like you’ll pay for sex, but that’s part of the fun! And Coach Pia recommends having sex twice a week to keep the intimacy alive! Thinking of doing this and the money we’ll save from here should go into an investment we’ll both enjoy like a trip together or maybe a new house (we’ll have to agree to pay Php. 1,000 each time to save up for this hahaha!)

  • Staying In

Living beside a hub of restaurants, we’re always tempted to eat out. But doing so almost costs more than a thousand pesos for just one meal. So we’ve reserved eating out for special occasions only (including the occasion that we won’t be the one footing the bill!) I vowed to make our little abode a more conducive live-able place that it’ll be hard for one to leave. We’ve also been doing themed-nights like when we’re craving for Mexican food, we’ll just make our own tacos, complete with all the garnish. This way, it’s cheaper and healthier!

  • Savings Thermometer
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For very young children, the concept of money and saving will be vague. To help them understand, parents can use a chart or thermometer to plot out how much they’ve saved towards a goal. The goal should be something the child likes, for example a toy or a gift for someone. For a child to earn, if he does not have allowance yet, doing chores can be attributed a monetary value. To keep the interest of the child, reaching the goal should not take too long. This exercise also helps in developing patience and value for money and hard work.

Hopefully, with these fun ways my family and I get a head-start on saving! It pays to be prepared for all of life’s surprises!

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