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#BetterMe with Eliza

With all the work that moms have to accomplish, we tend to neglect ourselves. Well, who has the time, right?! But we owe it to ourselves, mommies! We need to make time to pamper ourselves so we can feel good inside and out! This is my take-away from our #BetterMe session with Eliza. My breastfeeding and babywearing mentor is now a professional make-up artist! She also holds private make-up classes for a maximum of 10 people.

How much make-up do you need? Only what your life needs.

To start our session, Eliza posed the question “Why are you here?”. Honestly, I just needed time away from my usual routine. And #BetterMe sessions (or anything with the #SoMoms!) make it worthwhile to have a few hours away from Z. I also wanted to learn more on how to apply make-up since want to stop looking like I aged 10 years ever since I became a mom! As per Cai, bawal maging losyang! 

Back in high school, I think I was one of the few who went to school with blush on and lipstick, even though it wasn’t allowed. Fast forward to today, I have no idea how to put on eyeliner or to fill my own brows! You might think that being a stay-at-home mom, I wouldn’t need to put on make-up. But that’s exactly why I want to learn how to enhance my features. I want the rare times that I go out, I want to look put together. So even though it’ll be a short trip to the grocery or Sunday lunch out with the in-laws, I now make it a point to put on make-up. Eli said that if she’s pressed for time this will be her go-to arsenal: BB Cream, mascara, blush on and lipstick. That would not even take 10 minutes to put on!

I wish my brows are always this good-looking!
I wish my brows are always this good-looking!

After a month, I can say that I’ve been sticking to this resolution pretty well. And my husband always take notice, which is part of the goal, right?! I’m so thankful for the K-Palette’s Real Lasting Eyebrows and Eyeliner from Beauty Box Corp. Cheryl Chua told us that she found out about K-Palette on a trip abroad. Her sister went back for their umbrella and while waiting, she tried on some make-up being an eyebrow junkie herself! Now, having perfect brows is super easy. I use it everyday now, even when I’m just at home, haha!

My new staples! Cure and K-Palette. Both available at Beauty Bar and Rustan’s.

Thank you to Casa Marcos at Burgos Circle for being our venue. My relatives know of it as having the best pan de sal from before and now they boast of mouthwatering dishes. Muffin Galvez, one of the owners, made us try their bestsellers and we were not disappointed. Until today I’m still craving for their clams with lots of garlic and served with their special sauce. Their Paella Valenciana is also a complete and tasty meal. You can find Casa Marcos in Burgos Circle and Ortigas Home Depot. I hope they have delivery soon!

Spanish-inspired food at its finest!

I absolutely love our #BetterMe sessions because it drives me to be a better version of myself. Thank you also to YBS for all the hard work you put into making these events possible!

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