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We all know that prevention is better than cure. But did you know that illnesses start within our body even before we can feel it physically?! When an illness starts, it can be detected at the nerve endings way ahead of the outright signs and symptoms. But how?! The answer is LIFE! A new, state-of-the-art technology from Europe is now in the Philippines courtesy of The One Core. Coach Pia reiterated that to make better life decisions, you must be healthy first.

LIFE Presentation


LIFE is a non-invasive procedure so it’s perfect for those who are afraid of needles like me! Through a sensor, the nerve bundles are scanned and the data is stored the computer. The data is then analyzed and a Wellness Analysis Report is given. All of this in just 10 minutes! No needles, no fasting (but preferably no food intake just before the scan), no time wasted!

The readings are translated to curves to measure the balances in your body.
The readings are translated to curves to measure the balances in your body.

The report will give an account of the status of the following:

  • Vital Organs
  • Body Energy Index
  • Metabolic Index
  • Mental State Index
  • Tendon Bone and Blood Index
  • Thyroid Gland Index
  • Autonomic Nerve Index

You will also get a list of suggestions to address the areas of concern. And for those who go to acupuncturists, there’s a chart given which can tell them where you need to be treated.

Proud to be well-balanced!
Proud to be well-balanced!

Thank you to Coach Pia and The One Core for this Mother’s Day treat! I’m happy to say that my over-all reading was balanced. To my surprise, my problem with my spine was detected even though it was only the nerve bundles in my hands and feet that were scanned. This is amazingggg! I highly recommend this to everyone even though you don’t feel anything!!! If you are 12 years old and above and not pregnant, schedule your LIFE scan before June ends and get 50% off! Call (02)-4364143 or (0922)-8944143 to book your appointment.


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