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Picking Myself Up From Negativity

I was in a bit of a rut the past two weeks. And I’m kicking myself in the behind for letting myself slip into such negativity. To make matters worse, my blog disappeared because my domain didn’t renew automatically, thus, my scheduled posts didn’t appear as well. So, now, I’ve to make up in writing, spending quality time with my family and taking care of the house.

It helps that Coach Pia’s free sessions at Fully Booked the past Tuesdays are all about staying away from the negative. Although I wasn’t able to attend the sessions, they have discussions and videos on their site which helps a lot.

What’s good is that Coach Pia always reiterates that it’s perfectly normal to go through phases like these. These learning phases in our lives help to make us better. The importance of knowing your core values do help in putting you back on the right path. If something or someone does not help in inflating your balloons (5 aspects of your life: self, family, social life, career and sense of purpose) , then that person or event or thing does not deserve to be in your life. Challenges, more often than not, shape you and help you make better life decisions now and for the future.


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