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Lysol for a Healthy Home Giveaway

Lysol is all for healthy homes. And as homemakers we know that cleaning is just the first step. We need to use Lysol to be sure that 99.9% of flu-causing germs on surfaces and air are killed! But along with our homes, it is also our hands who are always exposed to germs and bacteria. This is why Lysol developed their liquid hand soap to properly disinfect our hands but at the same time keep it soft and moisturized. I’m a frequent hand-washer so I know that regular soap often dries up my hands. But with Lysol Liquid Hand Soap, I felt that my hands were smoother and it smells really good too! It comes in 3 scents but the pink one is my favorite! Refills are also available.



Another new product from Lysol is the Disinfectant Spray made especially for a Baby’s Room. We don’t want germs playing with the little one so it is best to be sure that there are no germs lurking in the area that they always stay. We also use this spray to clean the toys. The powdery scent is really relaxing and it makes our whole house smell so clean!


These products are now available at all supermarkets. And because I, together with Lysol, want all homes to be healthy, we are giving away one (1) gift pack to a lucky reader! Here are the mechanics:

1. Follow all the steps stated in the Rafflecopter widget. Giveaway ends on June 24.

2. Based on my previous post, share how else you can achieve a healthy home in the comments. Kindly leave your name and email address as well.

3. Because there are limitations in shipping of aerosol cans, this giveaway is only for those with Metro Manila addresses.

4. Contents of the gift pack may vary from the pictures on this blog post.

5. The winner will be given 3 days to reply via email. Should the winner not respond by the end of the given time, another winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you Mitch Peralta for informing us about Lysol's new products!
Thank you Mitch Peralta for informing us about Lysol’s new products!

Good luck to all those joining!

54 replies on “Lysol for a Healthy Home Giveaway”

To have a healthy home, we try to reorganize every few months, sort things out at home and donate those we no longer find use for but are still in good, working condition. This way, we minimize clutter and avoid gathering of dirt and dust!

We use filter covers (we buy from Ace) for the aircon vents. You won’t believe the amount of dust and what-not left trapped every single day! :S

After Eating wash the dirty plate to avoid coachroaches and always check the stock water make sure to always clean the house and spray disinfectant to avoid germs and viruses

Aside from cleaning our house and surroundings, it is also important to clean my children’s toys and books regularly. Germs are easily transferred through their hands so we make sure these things are cleaned too.

Kathleen C. Lazam

To have a healthy home, we need to clean our homes regularly. remove the dust that may trigger allergy esp with kids.

To have a healthy home, I always make sure to have the floors vacuumed almost everyday because I have cats and also a daughter. I remove any mess immediately to avoid more mess. I also have all windows screened so any pests won’t linger in our home.

Name: Sheena Malate

having a family healthy habit 🙂 not only cleaning the house but also our own family members should be clean 🙂

To have a healthy home, we try (with kids playing at home, we can only try) to keep our home clean and free from harmful microorganisms by cleaning and disinfecting regularly.

Theresa Cruz-Escaros

To have a healthy home, we try to have a general cleaning once every month. We throw away or bring to the junk shop whatever clutter had accumulated. all the

We keep our home healthy by keeping it clean. keeping things organize and since we have kids we disinfect things that they touch like toys.

Make it a habit to clean the house everyday especially those who are in reach of your children. Make sure that it was sanitized for the protection of your kids

Make it a habit to clean the house everyday especially those areas that are in reach of your children. Make sure that it was sanitized for the protection of your kids

Bernadette Zareno-Balino

to achieve a healthy home, pag may natapon na pagkain or juice, linisin ko agad to prevent roaches/ants… dapat well-ventilated ang paligid (pati na lalagyan ng aming shoes/slippers)… regular cleaning of refrigerator para iwas molds…

Criselda Blancaflor

Having a healthy home is very important to me. I see to it that everything in the house is spic-and-span and germ-free. General cleaning once a week is a must!:-)

I’m glad Lysol has a new product made especially for a baby’s room. As a new mom-to-be, I’m very meticulous now as to what cleaning products we use for our house. It has to be safe yet effective. Now that I’m having a baby, Lysol’s new Disinfectant Spray for Baby’s Room will become a staple in our home.

To have a healthy and clean home, I am assigning chores to my children. I am asking them to put away things when they are done playing and always reminding them to properly dispose their trash.

Sena Gonzales

I always tell my kids to prevent making mess and put every thing back to where they found it and me myself as well, as a mother, I should be their role model with cleanliness and respect so I maintain everything organized and dust-free.

To have a healthy home, we should always clean our house regularly. We need to disinfect all our things at least once a week using products that are trusted and safe too… Remember, we our home or house is clean we will also have a healthy lifestyle and away from sickness and dangers.. 🙂

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