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Let’s Co.Lab!

I like spending time with the SoMoms because I get to discover new things. For today, I found out about Co.Lab.

I like how the pieces of furniture work well together!

Co.Lab is basically a place where you can have a satellite office. I can see myself sitting in one of those desks and I can just blog the day away. They have small (good for up to 6 persons) and big (good for up to 12 persons) meeting rooms available as well.

To make you feel more at home, couches are also available!
To make you feel more at home, couches are also available!

So I was raving about this new place to my husband and he asked “Why not just go to a coffee shop?” I’m sure you’re thinking the same too. Well, given that it is a “workplace”, wireless internet access, printers, scanners, photocopiers, and electrical outlets are accessible for your convenience. Add to that the unlimited coffee or tea or water! More than that, I think being in a room where everyone is working, will help you do progress as well. A working vibe emanates throughout the place, thus, making you more productive. Unlike in a coffee shop where distractions are abundant, and security guards eyeing your table with just water on it!

I want a Brainstorming Wall like this!
I want a Brainstorming Wall like this!

 Co.Lab is located at:

3/F Unit 301 #3 Brixton Street 
Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City

You may reserve a table/room by calling:

(02) 661-7616

For rates and other information:

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Thanks Rone ( for organizing the SoMoms’ learning session today!




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