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FISH-tastic Meals with Fisher Farms!

Did you know that kids need to eat fish and seafood at least twice a week?! This is to ensure that the body receives Omega-3 which helps the brain to be healthy. I don’t know about you but my knowledge in fish recipes is limited to fried and sinigang. So, I’m really thankful that Fisher Farms sent over goodies for our family to try!

IMG_6922Fisher Farms products are gluten-free, nitrite-free, and casein-free. They give you the assurance that their products are made from homegrown fish and nothing but fish!

 I was most intrigued by the Fish Frankfurter and Fish Hungrarian Sausage. I mean, come on, fish as a hotdog?! Surprisingly, it does satisfy you like a regular hotdog but of course, it is healthier! There are no chemical ingredients and certainly, no artificial preservatives. Z likes munching on them! They do not taste fishy at all! Serve it during breakfast or snack or you can even have it with wine!

We like our sausages fried!
We like our sausages fried!

Another Filipino fare favorite is Daing na Bangus. Fisher Farms took it to the next level with two variants: Bangus in Lemon Butter and Roasted Garlic Milkfish Loins, which is part of their Gourmet Selection.

Bangus in Lemon Butter Sauce with lots of garlic! Little Z and I finished this in one sitting!
Bangus in Lemon Butter Sauce with lots of garlic! Little Z and I finished this in one sitting!

I like that they give options to consumers whether to fry, grill or bake the products. Some can even be cooked in the microwave if you’re really pressed for time. Since trying these out last month, I make it a point to stock our freezer with this ready-to-cook meals if ever we don’t have anything to cook for the day or we have unexpected guests! You can find these in the frozen section of Rustan’s, Shopwise and S&R!

Fisher Farms

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