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Party Going Tips

So we found ourselves attending two birthday parties in one day! It was very ambitious of me since I have this one-event-per day rule mainly to avoid stressing myself, haha! But we have to challenge ourselves sometimes, right?!

We had a grand time at both parties and I wasn’t *that* stressed so yay!!! Here are some tips which helped us pull this off:

• Make sure your kids have enough rest to have ample energy during the party. Thanks to Metro Manila traffic, Z got to sleep on the way.
• Opt to shop online for your gifts. Most online stores have delivery options so your gift can safely arrive to the celebrator’s resident. This way, you are sure to have a gift and your kid will not be enticed to open it! You can try for their gift registry and delivery options.
• Party food are delicious but it take some time for it to be served. It is best to bring snacks for you and the kids.


Children’s parties may be the only kind of party I will get to attend in the next few years so for sure these tips will grow longer! Do you have any tips when going to parties with kids?! Share them in the comments section!

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