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Z tries Ready, Steady, Go Kids!


Even if it doesn’t look like it, I was a varsity member of the UP Fencing Team back in college. I was even training with the National Team! My husband on the other hand, was a track and field athlete since high school and has won several medals. He regularly goes to the gym and runs the Ultra Oval to alleviate work-related stress. So… we both know how sports can be beneficial for the body and over-all well-being of a person. Upon reading about Ready, Steady, Go Kids! I knew that it will be a great program for Z because:

  • Toddlers are very active! I really don’t know where my little boy gets all of his energy but he can outrun us in the playroom (or anywhere!)
  • It will be a good place to socialize without the pressure of “academics”.
  • He will get to try different sports and exercise routines in just one program.

As expected, Z was a bit hesitant to join the group when we got to the venue. The kids were already doing warm-ups. I told Z that he can just sit on the bench and join when he feels like it. I was just amazed that he warmed up to Coach JP when he gave him his name tag. With a little encouragement, Z and Daddy joined in on the fun! My little boy did 2 exercises: running and throwing/catching the bean bags. After a water break, he got his snack box then decided to just watch and eat! Even though he didn’t join all the tasks, I know that he had fun because when we repeat the exercises at home, he does it. May impact!

Hopping like a frog!
Hopping like a frog!
Running like an airplane!
Running like an airplane!

Term 2 is starting this October and you would want to reserve a slot! To know more and inquire, visit their website

Take note of their social media accounts as well:




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