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And The Terror Has Began!

On the day Z turned 3, I posted this on Instagram and Facebook: Goodbye terrible two’s, hello terrorist three’s!

It has been a joke within our mommy group that 3’s are worse than 2’s. I’m just glad to have read their experiences to help me prepare for the terror I’m starting to feel! I know, I know… I should think positively but… the terror is already here!

Dressing him up has now become a wrestling match. My little man needs a say to what he’s going to wear. At three! I thought this was going to happen during the teen years! So now, we just let him choose clothes which I’ve pre-chosen already. This way, it’s a win-win situation for the both of us.

I can't get a decent #ootd shot!
I can’t get a decent #ootd shot!

And speaking of assertion of independence, Z takes it upon himself to climb on our stools to reach the cabinets where we keep snacks! My growing boy always needs to have food on his table. While I admire his confidence, I feel scared that something might happen to him. Now, a drawer within his reach houses his marshmallows and mamon and other stuff he hand-picked in the grocery.

But even with all the ruckus, I still have a sweet mama’s boy. Whenever I tell him that I’m tired, he’d hold my face and say “Mommy, happy!” Or when I say that I’m getting angry, he’d give me a big hug.

We’re continuously learning and discovering new things about each other. One thing’s for sure – I love you to infinity and beyond!


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