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Joining the Baby Boom.


Oh, yes, Baby Number 2 is on the way. Honestly, another baby was planned for next year. But when I got my LIFE results and it came out good, I felt that it was a sign. Breastfeeding also wasn’t an issue because it doesn’t cause any harm. I was still breastfeeding Z until he weaned himself just before he turned 3.

I feel like there’s a baby boom because 2 of my closests friends are also pregnant. So is Tin and Em! And more friends announcing pregnancy on Facebook!

So before a drinking-filled weekend last July, I took a pregnancy test and BOOM! It read positive! I even had to do another one just to make sure.


And as soon as I knew I was pregnant, the symptoms came in. This pregnancy is different from my first. I had a lot of food cravings and I felt really sluggish. I also had HG (like the Duchess Catherine!) which put me on bed rest for a while.

As all preggy books and website say, morning sickness goes away on the second trimester. While it did happen, another acronym challenged me: UTI. I’ve been on and off antibiotics to fight it and so as to counter any complications it may bring on the third trimester. Cranberry and Pomegranate juice have been helping me as well.

We don’t know the gender yet. And I’m really praying for a girl because girl’s stuff are just too cute! But even if it’s a boy, there will still be a lot of shopping to do because I didn’t keep any newborn stuff as I donated them.

Expect a lot of preggy posts the coming days!!!

I love you already...
I love you already…

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