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The Weekend That Was: No Yaya Weekend

My helper/yaya went for a 4-day vacation in observance of  All Soul’s Day. Even though I panicked a little because it was longer than her usual day-offs, I knew that I needed to get used to “working” alone. Surprisingly though, the weekend went by like a breeze and I wasn’t that stressed! Here’s some factors that helped me survive:

  • Involve the help of others in taking care of Z. We made the wise decision to stay with the in-laws during the long weekend. This way, I had more time to rest while Z swims or stays with them. Also, don’t short-change your husband. It’s something I learned from our #BetterMe session. Involving him would take loads off the pending tasks.
  • Pack light. More often than not, the stuff inside the diaper bag is just for emergency. But since we’ll be out for most of the day, I cannot sacrifice anything in the bag. So, my own stuff got sacrificed and I just used a small pouch for my cellphones and cash, which was put in the Cath Kidston carry-all bag along with the toddler’s stuff.
  • Talk to your toddler. He may not be that verbal yet but I know that he understands me very well. Especially when I talk to him calmly. I was really surprised when he comes with me to the bathroom for his bath and potty needs without any struggle. He also packs away his toys when told to do so. I think he also knows that I cannot be stressed and that there’s no alternative to mommy these days. It also helped that we already have some kind of routine even though we’re not staying in our own place.

So, can I go without a helper? Heck NO! Hahahaha! And with another baby on the way, I know I’ll need all the help that I could get!

How was your weekend?!

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Had a no-yaya weekend too because she got sick. Actually did all the things you said, too, and the weekend was a breeze. Talking to your toddler helps a lot because even if they can’t express themselves well, they can understand. 🙂

Yes, it was a big help to talk to my toddler! Sure there were moments of tantrums but they were all manageable! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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