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Christmas Gift Suggestion: Piesa

There’s something about a handmade piece that’s more significant. You’d know that the artist put her heart in making each piece. And that’s what I like about Piesa. I first discovered Piesa through the SoMoms around this time last year. I like that I can use the accessories without thinking that it might hurt my super active toddler. For those looking for gifts for their sister, office mates, titas, Paola, the curator behind Piesa, has some pieces perfect for gifts these holiday season!

image-9b36169e8683f95fa6525a7ae2515267fefb115babe26816d15f1d0474d84839-V image-53fbd956b5d072b7d43e29080cd0d4d18e272c07e206db73daf8cd2cd3707f31-V image-acf31567e379a8562a04dc69990a0a206a633b2a243d19fb48c505b18ca347e4-V image-cc2806226372c7b99cec292adb3ee3da704cc132dd0a7999bb65cc51a1470692-V image-e86233fffec6f0c26f41b7ec9564896926de5d77100b2fe2496d3fffc0c79f10-V image-f05861a2298b2e019dc7d784a6ac781ffd24d41336b23bc474d5745b51153700-V

Everything looks so nice, diba?! The accessories can fit right at home in a shirt and jean ensemble or can amp up your dressy holiday looks! I accept Piesa as gifts ha, in case you want to give me something, hahaha!

These items can be made in your choice of colors depending on availability.

Visit Piesa at Mega Fashion Hall (near Uniqlo) or at Common Thread in Rockwell. For other design choices, like the Facebook Page and follow on Instagram. Happy shopping!


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