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Preschool Homeschool

Mariel from the was the speaker that afternoon.
Mariel from the was the speaker that afternoon.

Over the weekend, my husband and I attended a seminar about starting your preschool homeschool. I was really intrigued with homeschooling families and wanted to see how it can be done, given that I have a teaching background. There were a lot of light-bulb moments and new pieces of learning all throughout the session.

You are your child’s best teacher.

Even if you don’t do it on purpose, your child learns A LOT from you. They thrive on modelling and imitates most of the behavior and actions they see from you. And who better to teach them values that you hold importance to but you, right?! At this stage, instilling values and self-help skills are far more important than learning how to read or write.

Every day is an opportunity to learn.

For toddlers 2 – 3 years old, 20 minutes of intentional time together is enough. However, I realized that even if I don’t mean to, Z and I always have learning opportunities. For example, when I give him a bath, there’s identification of body parts, following directions, cause and effect, experimentation, observing and inferring and a whole lot more! Then when we bring him to different places, there’s also new concepts to learn, without the pressure of assessment, grades and school-related tantrums!

Use technology to your advantage.

Well… Mariel vehemently said that she was against using technology with teaching her kids. I admit that we let Z use the iPad but not without supervision. I don’t think we’re killing his brain cells, instead we download apps that will help him learn some of the concepts often discussed in preschool. I’ve also observed some of the games he enjoyed using the iPad and played it with him in real life. Like when he played memory cards, I made memory cards with his favorite cartoon characters and we had hours of fun!

So… will Z be attending school anytime?! I don’t think so given the pieces of learning I got from the seminar. But will we continue homeschooling until big school comes?! That we still have to pray hard about and see the needs of Z first.

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