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Pregnancy by the Numbers

I’m on my 28th week of pregnancy which, according to books, is the start of the 7th month. Which is the start of the third trimester. Meaning, this pregnancy will be over soon!

What is really round, 37 inches in diameter and has a potruding something in the middle? Why yes, it’s my belly! I feel really big now and dressing up can be such hassle. But thanks to Elin and Mommy Matters, I can still look posh even if I’m as big as Baymax!


I’m one happy momma to be again even though my legs are cramping and I need to slow down in a while. My toddler is slowly easing his way to be a big brother soon. We’re starting to call him ‘kuya’ and he knows that inside my tummy is a baby.

937363517181738392 is the number of thoughts running through my head each day my due date nears. I have a gazillion of things to prepare; backlogs to do; and decisions to make. But as Mommy Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan advised, don’t let fear have a space in your heart. I should be excited more and scared less (to none!) We’ll be welcoming a new blessing soon and everything will be alright!

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