Cheesy Chessy

Hormone Haywire

Yes, I blame it on the hormones. Crazy pregnancy hormones. I can be happy, sad, angry all in an hour. The little things set me off. I know my husband doesn’t know where to put himself because most of the time, he gets the blame. I’m sorry 🙁

I also feel sluggishly big. I’m on-going my 30th week and my tummy is almost 40 inches in diameter!!! I always need to have my back support on because my scoliosis might not take on the weight. Baby Y moves aggressively which kinda hurts. I feel like there’s no more space for the baby’s somersaults in here.

There’s also that feeling of restlessness. I want to go to a lot of places since there are bazaars left and right but the traffic, my braxton hicks and just the fear of giving birth prematurely hinder me. I’ve to carefully plan out each day out of the house, and opt to stay put most of the time. I think there’s that fear of being hospitalized like the first pregnancy. It was during this time then that I was confined for premature contractions and we thought that Z will come out before hitting the 37th week.

So much to deal with. So little time. Is this a precursor to post-partum depression?

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