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Thank You and Goodbye 2014!

2014 was a steady year but it came with bumps and surprises as well. Maybe it was to prepare me for a very life-changing 2015, eh?! Nonetheless, there were still a lot of learning. Sharing with you lessons I hope to remember this coming new year:

The importance of Me-Time.

Me-Time comes in different forms for different mommas. Mine can be an hour at the salon having my nails done or it can be attending our #BetterMe session. I feel rejuvenated after spending some time to myself, and in return I get to be more effective as a wife, mom and homemaker.

I’ve also made time to read books. I think I’ve finished around 7 books this year and it’s just a good feeling. Any suggestions for 2015?!

Marriage needs a lot of work.

I’ve learned (the hard way) that both my husband and I are not the same person we were when we got married 4 years ago. Real life toughened us up, problems require a lot of maturity and how we nurtured each other before may need a lot of revising now. But these changes does not mean that we love each other less. In contrary, I think we’re finding new reasons about what we like or why we adore one another.

I’m built to be the best mom for my kid/s.

We don’t parent the same way because we don’t have the same kids. What may work for you, may not work for me. And that’s alright! This year, all my doubts as a mom were washed away when I got to talk to Coach Pia and Teacher Carol, my former boss. And with that, I unburdened myself from unnecessary doubts and expectations. I became more positive as a mom and in return, I had a lot of good times with my son. I’m just savoring each day with him because life is quickly passing us by. I hardly remember him being a newborn and soon enough, he’ll be going to school!

With the birth of another baby, a new set of suggestions and hear says will come my way. I now know to trust myself best when it comes to my children. These unsolicited advice should just be taken in stride and not push me into any arguments I’m bound to lose anyway.

Blogging from the heart <3.

There were a few times last year that I got into a blogging break. It may have been caused by the overwhelming demand to deliver to the sponsors, which is still a new thing for me. I admire bloggers who write seamlessly even though it’s a sponsored post. I have a lot to learn but I know that writing from the heart will never fail me. I love blogging, it has opened me to new experiences (like modelling!), introduced me to different products and gained me friends that I’ll grow up with.

I’ll always be my parents’ daughter.

I’ve often said that my relationship with my parents got even better when I became a mom. Especially with my mom. Though I’m close to being 30, whenever I text them that I’m not feeling well, they will go out of their way to go to our place and be of help. I know they also know when I’m sad but do not badger me with questions. This coming new I hope to spend more quality time with them. And I vow not to hold it against them when they spoil Z!

I’m really excited for what 2015 has to offer! But as the last day of 2014 wanes out, let me just say how thankful I am for EVERYTHING!

Happy New Year everyone! Take care my dear friends! See you next year!

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