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The Weekend That Was: Poop, Pretzels and Party

Z attended his first birthday party of the year last Saturday. It was my friend’s son’s party at McDonald’s. It’s a good thing that Z was familiar with the place already so getting him in wasn’t that hard. I also thought that staying put in the party premises will be a shot over the top. You see, Z doesn’t like places with a lot of noise and knowing kiddie parties, well, it can get pretty noisy. But, Z surprised me and stayed put in our place the whole time. Never mind that he didn’t want to join the games or the singing of the birthday song. And he didn’t cry when Grimace was there!

Another surprise from this little boy was his being social when the party was over. Just look at that hug!




We also got to taste a new snack from Jack n’ Jill, Pretzel Chips. I especially liked the Honey Mustard flavor because it’s my favorite dipping sauce! It’s very crunchy and light but packed with a lot of flavor. And for just P15, it’s really a great buy! Will be adding this to our grocery list.

Pretzel Chips come in 2 flavors: Honey Mustard and Cheese & Garlic. Available at all groceries and supermarket nationwide.
Pretzel Chips come in 2 flavors: Honey Mustard and Cheese & Garlic. Available at all groceries and supermarket nationwide.


Saving the best kwento for last! And because it talks about poop (don’t say you weren’t warned!)

For sometime now, Z has been successful peeing in the toilet. We just use briefs or training pants when we’re home. During one incident, I allowed him to poop while he was butt-naked, but it freaked him out! He had adverse reaction to poop so I had to let go teaching him to poop on his potty.

And then the other day, he was going back and forth in the bathroom, even asking his Daddy to go pee with him. But nothing’s coming out. Then I heard a grunt. As calmly as I could, I put down his briefs and told him he could poo-poo in the potty. He didn’t want to sit down, instead he squatted facing his potty, which is the right way to poop daw according to some articles I read. After a few minutes, voila!!! (Big) Poop in the potty!!! I told my husband not to say anything negative as this may hinder a recurrence. Instead, we clapped and cheered for Z, and he was beaming with joy!

Unfortunately or fortunately, we didn’t have pictures. But I seriously swear it happened!

How was your weekend, friends?! Anything surprising? Share away!


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