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Breastfeeding Lounge at Shangrila Mall’s East Wing

Since Shangrila Mall’s East Wing opened, there has been a sign on the 4th level of a breastfeeding lounge. But it wasn’t completed until 2 weeks ago according to the attendant. Better late than never! I’m glad our neighborhood mall is taking nursing moms into consideration. I’m all for nursing in public but if an establishment offers a place conducive for that, by all means use it.

To go to the breastfeeding lounge, go to the floor where G2000 and Guess are. Then follow the signs for the free lavatories near the elevators. Go through the small door and before you get to the restroom, an opening to your right will lead you to the breastfeeding lounge.

The lounge is free for all moms’ use but there are rules to be followed:

  1. No males allowed inside.
  2. A first-come, first-served policy will be observed but courtesy to those who really need to use the facility is encouraged.
  3. Food and drinks, aside from drinking water, are not allowed.
The changing stations look comfy and spacious. The easy-access trash bin is a nice touch.
The sinks do not work yet.
These sofas comprises the lounge. It is spacious enough to accommodate 4 moms at once.
There are magazines for your perusal should the baby nurse for a long time.
I’m not sure why you’d need a microwave and a refrigerator since you’re not allowed to bring in food. There’s also a water heater, may be for those who want to thaw their expressed milk?







I know some moms will find the set-up a bit more open and would prefer cubicles to nurse more privately. But with this “living room” type of seating arrangement, more moms can be accomodated. Plus strollers and older children.

All in all, there are 3 breastfeeding lounges in Shangrila Mall (in Rustan’s and the one near Planet Sports). Hurray for spreading the breastfeeding awareness!

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