A Chuckie of a (parenting) Lesson

Don't be quick to judge, Mommy!
Don’t be quick to judge, Mommy!

Most often than not, we as parents assume that our kids are up to no good. This morning was not an exception.

Since I’m on bed rest I can’t fully monitor what Z is doing. We didn’t have any help this morning also that’s why I was just watching him from the bed. It really isn’t hard to do when you’re living in a small space #condoperks.

It has been his habit to get tetra packs from the refrigerator for his consumption. I like it that he is independent that way. A while ago he got two Chuckie drinks. So, me from the bed was already telling him to get only one drink first.

He wasn’t budging. My eyes opened wide when he poked the straws in both packs. I can’t move fast enough to stop him.

And then he went to the bedroom and said “one Chuckie for Zowen, one Chuckie for Mommy.”


Now I know that sometimes I need to just observe him and let him be. Little big brother Z is learning to share and be thoughtful of others! I couldn’t be happier!

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  1. Awww…. I also sometimes assume my kids always have mischief up their sleeves. Yes, we must not quick to judge them and their actions. Sarap ng Chuckie, especially when shared to us. 🙂

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