Pregnancy Cravings

I love to eat. Most of my Instagram pictures are food and I usually have a “craving” status on Facebook. That’s why it wasn’t a tell-tale sign of my pregnancy. But looking back, I might have been pregnant way before I did a test. Here are some of the food I ate and craved for:

IMG_7276 IMG_7328 IMG_7388 IMG_7459 IMG_7526 IMG_7575 IMG_8019 IMG_8047 IMG_8062 IMG_8083 IMG_8097 IMG_8118 IMG_8209 IMG_8304 IMG_8316 IMG_8338 IMG_8375 IMG_8392

Okay… This post made me really hungry! I can’t eat like this anymore or else!!! Tell me, what did you crave for when you were preggy?!

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