Cheesy Chessy

Packed and Ready To Pop!

I hit my 37th week mark today so it means that I can push, push, push this baby out anytime! And with the help of this detailed hospital bag checklist from ManilaMommy, I say, bring it on!

So, here’s what I’m bringing:


And in Baby Y’s bag:


  • Halo Swaddle Sleepsack
  • Muslin cloth
  • New Beginnings All-white set I bought from
  • Belly Armor blanket
  • Disposable diapers because they say that meconium doesn’t wash away in cloth nappies.
  • Frog suit from H&M as the going-home outfit
  • J&J top to toe wash and wipes
  • CordLife kit

Of course, I will also bring our cameras and chargers unlike before! I’m not planning to stay too long in the hospital so I guess these would suffice.

What were your birthing essentials?! I want to know!

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