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Aaand I’m Back!

It’s been a month since my last entry and it’s with good reason: I’ve been busy being a new mom to my Baby Y! Say hello to my baby girl:

Brianna Ysabel :)
Brianna Ysabel 🙂

On the eve of Chinese New Year, my husband and I went to the hospital because my contractions were getting intense and the intervals were 5 minutes apart. After getting an IE, the OB-GYN said I was at 4cms already! So, I was prepped, strapped on to the baby monitor, was given an epidural and after 7 pushes, TA-DAH! Baby Y came out at 1:35 in the morning of February 19! She was put on my chest for Unang Yakap and then she went on to be checked. I began having chills while the OB finish our CordLife kit. The Bear Hug was a lifesaver! I took a short nap while waiting for the epidural to wear off then I was in the room at around 4am. Because Baby Y was looking a little blue, she had to stay far longer in the NICU but was roomed-in with us when everything looked okay already.

Breastfeed in style with Elin!
Breastfeed in style with Elin!

I’m just thankful that my heed for no visitors was respected. I had ample time to rest and to learn how to breastfeed the little girl. Unlike Z, Y needed a lot of prodding to latch as she just wanted to sleep. I’m really thankful that I attended breastfeeding seminars before and read threads on Breastfeeding Pinays on Facebook, that I wasn’t worried that there was no milk oozing out of me. I just made sure to make the baby latched every 2-3 hours so that my body will know to produce milk. On Day 4 I felt a let down and we’re happily nursing ever since. I also ordered lactation treats from MamaChows so that I can have my dessert and increase milk supply at the same time!

The Kuya meets his Baby Sister!
The Kuya meets his Baby Sister!

We’re still adjusting to our new normal. I’m just thankful that my little Kuya is adjusting well. I was kinda prepared that he will throw a tantrum when he sees the baby latched on to me, but he was really excited when he saw the baby. Now, he guards his sister and calls me or Yaya when she cries. We just need to remind Z to be gentle when touching Y as he tends to make gigil and kiss her all over! At least my biggest worry of Z not welcoming the new addition to our family diminished on Day 1.

My favorite picture of Z and Y!
My favorite picture of Z and Y!

I hope to be blogging regularly again! So many thoughts to share. But in the meantime, follow my pictures on Instagram as its easier to microblog from there, heehee 🙂


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