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Most of my friends are going to be first-time moms this year. And because I post a lot of mommy stuff on Facebook and Instagram, they think I’m the go-to-momma for recommendations on what products to use. So, here’s my list of five items which are helping me keep my sanity in this new baby phase:

Halo Sleepsack

a 3-week old Y 🙂


I included this in my baby shower registry because I’ve read the importance of safe sleep. Being a praning mom, I’m scared of SIDs and would do all I can to prevent it. With Halo Sleepsack, I’m sure that Y is safe while she sleeps in the crib. I also super like this because it helps me get 4 hours of sleep!!! Being swaddled mimics the environment the baby got used to while in the womb so she feels familiar which makes her sleep longer! Additional cute points when the baby stretches when taking out of the swaddle!

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Cloth Diapers

Y is wearing a BabyLeaf Newborn Organic Cloth Diaper made of bamboo. Comes in 4 colors.
One of my most trusted brands in cloth diapers, Next 9 🙂


I’ve been using cloth diapers since I had Z. I think saving the environment is included in being a mom because you want a greener and cleaner surrounding for your children. With cloth diapers, you’re assure that no chemicals touch your child’s sensitive areas. There’s also less chance for rashes because the bum won’t get “babad”. Some may think that it is expensive because one diaper may cost around P300-P500 and you’ll need to use 8-12 per day. But thinking about it in the long run, disposable diapers are still more expensive. And I can attest that they last for years since we’re still using the cloth nappies Z used when he was still a baby (and that was 3 years ago!) And because you can buy cloth diapers in different designs and colors, it’s really the more fun choice 🙂


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Velcro Mittens

The velcro mittens come in a lot of colors!


I don’t know how many mittens we’ve lost when Z was using the ones needed to be tied. It’s too much of a hassle that I didn’t use them when Z was 3 months already. I just made sure that his nails were cut regularly, which is another task I wasn’t really fond of doing. Thankfully, I found out about Tiny Tots’ Velcro Mittens in one of Mommy Mundo’s bazaars. No more lost mittens!

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SoTrue Castile Soaps

Won this set last Christmas on!


Baby Y’s skin seems on the sensitive side as she reacted to the body wash we used on her the first few days. I tried the SoTrue Castile Soap on her and voila! Her skin seems moisturized and didn’t flake. I like it that there’s no harmful ingredients and the scent is pleasing to smell but doesn’t stick to the baby. Baby Y still smell likes a baby after a bath! Loved this product even more when I read that it is made by a mom who only wanted the best for her daughter.

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Saya Baby Carrier

Bought my Saya from 🙂


I wasn’t successful in babywearing Z so it was one of my goals to do so with Y. Thankfully, she loved being in the Saya! It is such a breeze to use with the instructional videos on YouTube. We’ve walked hours in the mall with Y in the Saya and my back didn’t hurt as much. I also get to interact with Z and do what he likes!

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I hope this list helps new mommies! Click on the links to start shopping!


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