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A Suds Story

In preparation for Y’s arrival, we had to clear up 2 drawers for her things. This means that we had to rearrange some of our stuff to accomodate the baby clothes, cloth nappies, new toiletries and the like (I am now learning that girls really have more stuff than boys). Z’s small clothes occupy one drawer and I was stumped on where to put them. I still can’t let go because I might have a baby boy X in the (near) future! So, where to put them?!

Suds Laundry and Dry Clean Service now offers Vacuum Packing which shrinks the items 3 times smaller than its original size. This is the answer for condo-dwellers like our family to help save space! It is advised to vacuum-pack clean items because when they are opened, the items are good to go and smells freshly laundered.

From this...
From this…
to this!
to this!

I would suggest putting a lot of stuff so the space in the bag will be used because with ours, there’s 1/4 space pa. When vacuum-packed, the bag can easily be stored under the bed or stacked together in the cabinet.

For my husband’s Barong and suit, we tried their Dry Clean service. I learned that Suds uses three types of liquid detergent depending on the types of fabric (delicate, premium or regular). We’re quite satisfied with the dry clean service – the items were individually packed and labeled. Though we had to go back a day after the said pick up day because the items were not yet ready.

With 24 branches in Metro Manila, Cavite, Lipa  and Cebu, Suds now has a growing number of loyal clientele. In order to keep track, they have computerized systems that logs in their customer’s details and the work done. They also have a premium membership which gives clients loyalty perks and discounts. And because they value their customers’ opinons, they will reprocesses their work should one be unsatisfied. But according to Charm Ang of Suds, that has never happened since they started the business.

You can find Suds all around the metro. They can also pick up and deliver your items at your most convenient time. For more information, visit their website at 🙂

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