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April’s Anxiety Attacks

Heart palpitating. 

Knots in my stomach. 

Erratic breathing.  

That’s how anxious I am these days. You see, Z started going to school and every morning feels like we’re preparing for a battle! 

It’s a constant battle every morning – feeding him breakfast, giving him a bath, dressing him up! We have to be conscious not to put him in a foul mood, or else it’s downhill from there. But I think Z is getting the hang of our new routine. We just need to stick with this so that he’ll be adjusted once the school year starts. I hope to be less anxious then! 

Another “battle” we’ve faced this month was Z’s ring bearer duties. It was our first time and yes, you guessed it, I WAS MORE EXCITED than  my little boy. However, along with the excitement was the anxiety – will Z walk? Will he wear the Barong? Will we finish the church ceremony? 

I know that getting him to wear the Barong will be a struggle. He didn’t even want to fit it at the store. So what I did was to display it in our room so he can see it everyday. Then I tell him that it was my surprise for him. I was hoping that he’ll be excited to wear my “surprise”. Well, as expected, it was a struggle putting the Barong on him. I had to pin him down while he cried and told him that he needs to wear it. Not baby-ing him must have worked because he followed us to the car and not once did he try to remove the Barong! 

So… Did he walk?! 

You bet he did! I couldn’t be more proud! Though he didn’t bring the pillow with the rings, at least he walked!!! 

Haaaay!!! Being a mom of a highly-emotional child makes me super anxious! It’s like I’m on my toes all the time, making sure that he can cope with what he’s feeling. But I’m proud that we won these battles and learned a lot. 

I won’t stop being anxious though. It might be have been my default mode since being a mom! 


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