Cheesy Chessy

Happy Birthday To Me! 

Officially saying goodbye to my 20’s! That last decade was a whirlwind of experiences. The first half was spent partying, getting drunk and just having no care about the world. Then I got married and became a mom on the last half! 

I’m excited to be 30! I know it’s going to be another year (and decade) of new adventures with our wee family. 

Started off my special day with preschool duties for Z. I’m amazed at how he’s adjusting and maturing. He is now having fun and making friends. 

Then lunch was at Wafu! Z loves Ebi Tempura so bringing him to Japanese restos is a breeze! Wafu also has the yummiest Grilled Salmon Fillet and Angus Rib-eye 🙂

And for dinner, my MIL prepared a feast for me! 


Because a celebration is made more special with a lechon, my mom gifted me with Charlie’s Pritchon! Super saraaaaap! 

I feel so loved and blessed being with my family! My husband made sure I got everything I wanted and my little boy sang me his version of the Birthday Song (it’s on my IG account!) 

So, hello to my 30’s! I’m ready for anything ❤️

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