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Gymboree Sta. Rosa is Now Open

Another long weekend is coming up! To those who will be travelling to the Nuvali/Paseo area, your kids can now pour out their energies at the newly opened Gymboree Sta. Rosa! It’s been a while since Z got to play in a Gymboree playscape, so he was ecstatic and energetic even if he was running a fever the day before!

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Owned by the power couple behind Brain Train, Randy and Dew Ladaga, Gymboree Sta. Rosa can easily be found at the back of Southern Luzon Hospital and is just minutes away from Nuvali and Paseo Shopping Center. With the success of their review center, Randy and Dew began thinking about putting up a toddler school since having their son, Raviv. Although both knowledgeable in child development, they know that they need a tried and tested program in order to stimulate and develop toddlers, since this is the stage critical to a person’s brain development. Gymboree offers a safe environment wherein the kids can develop their physical, social and cognitive skills with emphasis on play, discovery and fun. A distinguishing factor of the Gymboree philosophy is the involvement of the parents. Kids will feel more confident and build trust when their parents play a big role in their play.

Thank you for inviting us, Dew!
Thank you for inviting us, Dew!

We got invited to its grand opening and along with it was the celebration of Zion the Young Lion’s 2nd birthday! The kids and kids at heart were treated to a Gymboree Kiddie Party (which is offered in this branch!) Well-thought of activities such as climbing the jungle gym, swinging, parachute and bubble play kept all the guests entertained! A party like this will surely be a memorable one as it will be enjoyed by the kids, his/her kiddie guests and the parents as well!

Team Gutz!
Team Gutz!
Who doesn't love bubbles?!
Who doesn’t love bubbles?!

Please follow @gymboree.starosa on Instagram for more updates on the classes available this coming school year. Art and music class enrollments are on-going! 

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