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The Weekend That Was: Hello May!

Good morning!
Good morning!

Hooray for long weekends! It kinda feels weird to be “affected” by weekends because it didn’t matter to us before. But because of our new normal, Saturdays and Sundays (and Fridays!) will start to be more special 🙂

We spent Friday with Wowo and Wowa so that I could also have a holiday, haha! Before going to their house, we made a side trip to SM The Block. There was an exhibit of The Avengers so we lined up to have our pictures taken. Upon entering, Z shouted “Where is Baymax?” #epicfail

Nope, didn't tickle Z's fancy!
Nope, didn’t tickle Z’s fancy!

On Saturday, Z played in Powerville while I had my eyebrows done! I go to Benefit in Rustan’s for their eyebrow and upper lip waxing (P1,000). I need to learn how to do my brows properly!

Eyebrow game on!
Eyebrow game on!

Well, we all know where everybody was on Sunday! I don’t understand boxing but I understand money. And I’m guessing that whatever the outcome was, both Mayweather and Pacquiao’s wallets are overflowing! My in-laws’ bedroom was transformed into a viewing room so that even the helpers can join in. We had lots of snacks and laughs the whole morning.

Our snack buffet!
Our snack buffet!
Let’s get ready to rumble!


May is off to a good start! But I can’t help feel that 2015 is going by too fast. Here’s to making the days count! <3

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