Cheesy Chessy

April Foodiescoveries 

I’ll start counting calories (a better term for DIET!) to help lessen my post-partum pooch. Soooo, I’m torturing myself by looking at these Foodiescoveries last month. Enjoy! 

These are from Waffo’s located in the Food Hall of SM Megamall.  Z enjoyed ordering as he saw how the waffle and filling came together. They have a lot of sweet and savory fillings to choose from. 
Best ribs ever! But I learned that they aren’t real ribs, hahaha! I like it with the lettuce and mayo. I hope it stays on the menu forever! 


These are from Mama Lou’s in Nuvali. I want that Salmon and Cream pasta NOW!!! And even though I don’t eat mangoes, I still liked the pizza because it was crunchy and the Balsamic Vinegar wasn’t overpowering the other ingredients (nax!) 

This is Taro Ice Cream and you can only get it in Bataan. There’s also a waiting line if you didn’t pre-order. It is that good! Very refreshing with bits of cheese. 

I have a penchant for tacos or nachos and this hit the right spot! I finished this appetizer all by myself, haha! 

And because it was my birthday month, I gotta have cake! But Z almost finished yhis Rainbow Cake from Cupcakes bu Sonja! The cake was moist and the marshmallow icing was generously spread! I loooove it! 

Torture, no?! If only my metabolism isn’t slowing down! 

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