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A week without Yaya

My Yaya is going on a well-deserved break for a week, leaving me with the 2 kids and the house to manage! I’m keeping calm and breathing but inside I’m already stressed! Hahaha! Here are some of the things I’m preparing to make this week not-so-stressful! 



Play-Doh and Puzzles. Since starting school, Z took a liking in completing puzzles. Yep, I got teary-eyed when I saw him finish one without any help! These toys can keep him busy while I nurse Ysabel or clean the room. 

Huggies Dry and Huggies Wipes. With the 2 kids, I don’t think I can allot time to wash double loads of cloth diapers. So I’ll use Huggies Dry on Baby Y, it keeps moisture away from her skin and does not give her rashes. I like Huggies Wipes because it is wet enough to do the job and thicker than most wipes available. Been using this since I had Z! 

 Baby Y likes being carried, even while she’s sleeping. To help me accomplish more tasks, I will put her in a Baby K’tan carrier. She feels comfy in it and I like how it doesn’t strain my neck and back. 
These nursing tops from Elin will be a big help since I may not have time to get our cover. They have a lot of designs and colors to choose from! 

This is the longest time my Yaya will be away from us! I’m also excited to see how I would do! Good luck to me! 

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